Family Matters
Evida's Diary: Day Four

I woke up with a pounding head and cursed myself. Whatever made me drink with Gamon, of all people? If anyone found out I'd never hear the end of it. I stared at the ceiling miserably. How long since the guild disappeared? It was the longest I'd ever gone without being shouted at by Forst. A sudden idea struck me and I sat up..... Could they all be waiting somewhere to jump out on me? for a joke? or through sadism? No, they'd have lost concentration and wandered off by now. Besides, I'd hear Forst shouting at them explaining that the tactics were to "HIDE WHERE YOU CAN'T BE SEEN, YOU IDIOTS, IT'S NOT DIFFICULT!"
All was quiet and still without the animals. I thought hard about how they'd all wanted me to check my mailbox. Surely Mr Chilly couldn't get to all of them? I'd tried deleting him almost as soon as I discovered that he was a master of evil, and he'd laughed at me in a quacky sort of way. I would ask Sooze..... Then I remembered the guild was gone and I was alone and......
It wasn't the first case of kidnapping in the guild. Forst was gone all spring once, and kidnappers accidentally kidnapped me another time. Within an hour they sent me back to the guild with notes that said "sorry" and "you keep her" and even one that said, "how do you put up with the endless drivel?" though I didn't understand that one at all. Trollop told me that Forst made them pay to give me back, but he might have been joking.
I resolved to visit Daddy in Silvermoon city. He.... has high expectations of me which I haven't exactly fulfilled. He hangs out at the Court of the Sun in Silvermoon, and just stands there chatting all day. He'd certainly know what to do. Well, he might. Ok, I was procrastinating again. But if I was going into certain peril I ought to tell him. He might be glad to see me. Well, he might....
When I finally arrived at the Court of the Sun, having endured a zeppelin full of travel sick orcs and quite a lot of dust on the Orb of Translocation, Daddy was busy chatting. His eyes took in my Ruthless Gladiator gear, the polearm and crossbow slung over my shoulder and his eyes narrowed. Great, I'd managed to piss him off before I even said a word. In fact I didn't get further than "Da......" before he cut across me.

"Ah Evida," he said. "Haven't you taken an arrow to the knee yet?"

"Um. I took one to the elbow once," I said helpfully. "I've never managed to hit anyone else's knee.... except Forst once, and that was an accident, mostly. but in the main people don't keep shooting at me once the pet gets them."

My father blinked at me in horrified silence then turned back to his companions. "Gentlemen, this is my daughter Evida. She's still some sort of adventurer I believe." Then he whispered to me, "didn't those assassins last month put an arrow through your knee?"
"No daddy. My pet wove them into a cocoon by accident, and I'd just cut them free when my other pet got them."
For some reason my father looked more annoyed than ever. “They were expensive you know.”
“I'm sorry?”
“Er, Nothing. Oh well can't stand here chatting, these gentlemen and I are discussing important things, so run along."
"Daddy I need your advice. My guild has disappeared.”
“So? That's good, surely?”
“Yes and of course, if I don't find them, I'll have more time to spend in Silvermoon.”
“I see your point. Well Evida, have you considered that there are many different ways of looking at this, just as there are apparently an infinite number of parallel universes? I'm sure you'll find them sooner or later.” He always says that. And it's always a brush off.

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