Have You Seen My Guild?
Evida's Diary: Day One

Today dawned like any other day, and yet, I couldn't help the feeling that something was not as it should be. Something had changed while I slept. I looked about me. As I stepped out of my luxury apartment in the heart of the greatest city in the world, I couldn't help noticing that Orgrimmar was unnaturally still. And quiet too. Not only that, but there was no sound. No-one spoke, sang, shouted, swore, stuttered or even sighed, and the air around me was strangely free of emotes and yells. I listened carefully, as only a hunter can, for the traditional Orgrimmar cry of "Noob!", but it was strangely absent.

What's more, there was no Forst grumbling over his Chinese takeaway and toast breakfast, no Sooze levelling uber fast, which normally sounds like a speeded-up grand prix race, no bickering over whose turn it was to read the My Little Pony annual, nothing. It was completely..... (I quickly checked to make sure I hadn't turned the sound down) silent. The silence of emptiness.

Heart in my mouth I ran to the bank. Imagine my horror on finding that the contents of the guild bank were gone.

There was just one thing there, a hastily scribbled note from Forst saying not to try to find the guild or he'd make sure I "sxfved unxtrad boggfrgxle," though it was difficult to read his writing because he'd taken all the light bulbs out.

Outside it still made no sense. I turned it over and saw that it was a scrap torn from the menu of his favourite Chinese restaurant. Looking more closely I saw that there were some numbers scrawled in the margin. Aha! My first clue. If memory served correctly, it translated as Special Fried Rice and Crunchy Gnome with Beansprouts. Not so much of a clue then, as that was what he always ordered. Well that or Worgen Surprise Orgrimmar Style with extra sauce. (We knew that it was really all boar meat, stolen rice, crawfish and clams, garnished with a few prickly pears, but the illusion of choice was nice.)

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