Punished are capable, mature, and social with a willingness to get serious when it comes to raid times. 
We have reasonable expectations. Our rules are:

1. English speakers 
Our members are from all across Europe, Middle East, and the United States, but we all speak English. 
2. Performance 
If you attend a raid we expect the best performance possible. This includes moving away from bad stuff and into good stuff. Knowing when to stop tunneling on a boss, when to switch onto an add or run out with a debuff, etc. Being able to engage in encounter-specific requirements with lightning reflexes.
If you perform to the detriment of the raid group, you will be asked to step out.  
3. Preparation
If you have any questions relating to any encounter, it is better to ask before the raid. If you accept a raid invite, you are expected to:
  • -Know boss encounters inside out. Do thorough research on your own time, and before the raid begins
  • -Have reagents for a full night of raiding - You are expected to have your own food, flasks, runes and potions for an entire raid 
  • -Be fully gemmed and enchanted
  • -Turn up outside the instance 15 minutes before raid starts
  • -Have Bigwigs (or DBM) set up for each encounter
  • -Have Discord (voice comms) set-up
4. Organisation 
Raids are signed up for via the in-game calender. They are posted two weeks in advance, and our raiding schedule is static. Accept/Decline the invite accordingly, as early as possible.  Do not use tentative.  Raid signups will be locked 1/2 hr before raid start, and an unaccepted invite will count as a 0 on attendance even if you show up on time.
5. Honesty 
Whilst we tend to monitor players, mistakes can sometimes be missed. Please do not feel afraid to admit if you made a mistake, we will respect you more for knowing you made a mistake and being mature enough to admit it. Mistakes can happen – we know this. 
6. Integrity 
Whilst a member of Punished, we would expect you to behave maturely. We do not condone, nor tolerate any form of spam, foul-play, abuse, or dishonesty.
We may moderate Whatsapp/any guild related non-Wow activities which may affect the raiding team.
7. New Members 
If you have read these rules, please select 'false' on the application form. 
8. Attendance 
Whilst we would expect you to attend a high percentage of raids, we understand that this is not always possible. 
Please inform an officer if you are unable to attend via in-game mail, Whatsapp, or a whisper (Zero Tolerance for no-shows)
Minimum attendance of 75% required or expect a demotion to Social
9. Loot Distribution 
  • -We use Loot Council method for distribution.  Players are expected to present us with a BIS list for each Tier.
  • -When allocating loot, a variety of factors are taken into consideration, including: duration with the guild, BIS, attendance and performance
  • -Players who roll for offspec items will be expected to use them if called upon
  • -Select players with proven track records of high performance on an alt/offspec can be considered a Preferred OS, and as such will be considered for loot as if on a main. Typically these are healer/tank offspecs to be used to the guild's benefit in a pinch
  • -Items awarded via personal loot that are unwanted are given to the lootmaster, and normal loot council will go into effect for that item
Raiding Schedule:
Raid days are on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 20.30 - 23.30.
We take a 10 minute break at 22:00. All player swaps, if any, take place during the break.

All times are in realm time


No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em